What’s a Digital Strategy?

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What’s a Digital Strategy?

So what is it? What is a Digital Strategy, and do you need it – (spoiler alert: yes you do).

A Digital Strategy is an organized and consistent approach to delivering your products and services through the various digital channels that exist in the lives of your consumers and professional relationships.

How, what, when and why you deliver email, video, web or even social media content is extremely critical to your brand’s appearance and ultimate success. Today consumerism is alive and well and every legitimate business should have a robust and fresh digital presence that reflects the values of their organization. Part of a digital strategy is knowing what current consumer sentiment is regarding your business, and how it changes over time. Are you being viewed as a quality, highly rated organization? Is your content, whether it video, web or other hitting the mark? Are you delivering the right message? Consumers will often judge you based on what other’s are saying – so give them positive things to say! Monitoring and reporting on your digital presence is just as important as creating the various assets for delivery.

Remember this, a thoughtful, consistent plan pays great dividends. Without a well thought out, carefully executed strategy it can be a ‘wild west’ approach to delivering your products and services in their best light possible. An email blast once a month and a few pictures posted to Instagram on occasion is not a strategy. Knowing where your customer is, what they care about and how they consume information about YOU is key.

Have a strategy in place? Great, let us help you optimize it.

Don’t have a digital strategy? If not let’s talk and let my years of experience be a consistent resource for you.

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