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Wahoo - Making Progress

Wahoo – Making Progress

FLASHBACK! On January 29, 2018 Major League Baseball and the Cleveland Indians announced they would stop using the Chief Wahoo symbol on uniforms or park signs (keep in mind they will still use the symbol in retail settings). Should this branding move be considered progress for Native American cultural awareness? Well considering the long path and various forms of usage of the symbol, I say yes, it should be considered incremental progress....

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What’s a Digital Strategy?

So what is it? What is a Digital Strategy, and do you need it - (spoiler alert: yes you do). A Digital Strategy is an organized and consistent approach to delivering your products and services through the various digital channels that exist in the lives of your consumers and professional relationships. How, what, when and why you deliver email, video, web or even social media content is extremely critical to your brand’s appearance and ultimate success....

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Digital Consulting Defined

So, What Does a Digital Consultant Do? Perhaps someone has advised you to should seek out a digital consultant. Besides not knowing any digital consultants, you may not even be sure of what such a person does or is. Don’t worry. You are not alone. Many people wonder what does a Digital Consultant do? There is a good chance that most of your peers also do not know what a digital consultant is or the advantages of employing one in their business. Unfortunately for you, a few of them do. Those are the ones who are eating your lunch. They seem to always be a few steps ahead of you no matter what you do. They are first to the trends that matter. They get positive Yelp reviews. And they have a lot more Twitter followers...